Dr. Bruno Gino and Phil d'Entremont


"The importance of realistic simulation for pre-hospital medical care.”

Dr. Bruno Gino is a Brazilian doctor with a degree in medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of the State University of Southwest Bahia where he was President of the League of Surgery and Trauma and Vice President of the League of Trauma and Prehospital. Today he lives in the city of Uberlândia, the second largest city in the State of Minas Gerais located in Southwest Brazil, the richest and most developed region in all of Latin America.

He is an emergency physician who works in the ER of Hospital Madrecor, one of the largest and most modern hospitals in Uberlândia. As a doctor coordinating medical rescue teams and working in the field in a pre-hospital in the Integrated System for Trauma and Emergency (Siate) in the urban area of ​​Uberlândia and also as a doctor coordinating medical and field rescue teams in the rural area of ​​the State of Minas Gerais at ECO Rodovias (ECO050) one of the largest highways in Latin America and one of the largest in the world.  ECO Rodovias has an extension of 2600 km and Dr. Bruno provides medical assistance in an area of ​​436.6 km where it has high technology such as helicopters, drones and cameras 24 hours a day for inspection and scans of injured victims.

Today Dr. Bruno Gino is a volunteer in training simulations in rescue of critical victims for military firefighters in the city of Uberlândia where he has been working to improve the professionals who work in pre-hospital care.

Dr. Bruno Gino has a great interest in new technologies involving simulation in pre-hospital medical care and has dozens of incredible stories to share with you in his years of experience in this type of medical service.

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Phil d’Entremont is an aspiring medical student from Halifax, Nova Scotia. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University, he embarked upon a two-year bicycle journey from Vancouver, BC to the bottom of Argentina. Today he will share some of his experiences in the remote parts of South America, and how they influenced his pursuit of medicine.

Alexander Theodor


Alexander Theodorou is a clinical researcher turned entrepreneur. He holds a Master of Science degree from McMaster University and has worked extensively in the field of neurorehabilitation, having presented across North America which has now led to the development of Neurofit VR. Neurofit (formerly Ocutherapy) is a virtual reality brain health and wellness tool- think of it as a FitBit for the brain. We personalize your care according to each person's unique mood and abilities. Neurofit transforms VR exercises to assess, monitor and predict your unique needs in care.  Alex's mission with Neurofit is to motivate and empower people using leading virtual technologies putting healthcare in your hands.